Liensu think that biology and genetics are two keys to dominate in the Universe. Liensu do not know what demographic problem means, they breed fast and can make huge armies in a short terms. The race cant be called high technically developed, but they are the first in food creation. But theyre not so good in science and technologies. So Liensu are: huge armies and full storehouses of food.


Voraners are not good at magic and dont have strong physical form, but theyre the best in techniques. Its not a surprise that they are the first in producing caderium, metal which is very light and is needed in any construction. But this race is not very peaceful, theyre warlike and because of their technique very strong in attack. Unfortunately Voraners have some imperfections: weak intuition and fantasy do not allow Voraners to be succeeded in archeology and defense.


Psolao race are mediums and priests. For thousands of years they were making their mental and spirit abilities better. With advanced intuition and conversation with spirits Psolao knows how to build huge nano-crystallizers which give mysterious blue crystals. In battles Psolao prefer defense. So Psolaos are: war mages and artifacts.

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