"Destiny Sphere" is a multiplayer online war strategy, where player gets some territory to manage. This territory is called "the comb". You can build your comb on with different buildings (which produce resources, science buildings, archeological etc.). Produced and honestly stolen and traded resources can be spent on further development, colonization and of course on army.

Battles are one of the most important parts of Destiny Sphere. In some time you will have your own war tactic and will compose armies for attack and defense in a right way. For battles you need war units, that are divided on 4 classes depending on factory which produces it and it's force.

Each unit has 4 parameters: attack, defense, damage and armor. The scheme of the battle is quite simple: the player makes an army of some units, puts in his opponent's coordinates and sends his army in attack. For some time the army moves to the opponents comb, then the battle, which is automatic, starts. After that the army returns no matter if it won or lost the battle. The unique point of the battle is that you can take part in the battle on-line changing it's result.

During 6 year history of "Destiny Sphere" there were discovered a lot of techniques of attack and defense. There are some classic schemes but sometimes these schemes can be changed in the aim of confusing the opponent. Make experiments and maybe you will make a new ideal scheme in enemy's armies destroying.

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